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The Powerful Water Co.

10th July, 2015

    • Jason Feast
Sometimes you are lucky enough to work on a project that almost doesn't feel like work at all and over the last few months we have had just that opportunity. The… Read More

CSS Sprite Button Transitions

6th May, 2015

We now use CSS transitions on almost all our websites to transition most, if not all states of our user interfacing elements to make them more engaging, softer and/or more on-brand. Gone are the days when snapping from one state to another is good enough. Every site we build starts for an entirely blank canvas, designed in-house, this often means that there are custom buttons or links or icons that will… Read More

CSS Keyframe Animations

17th March, 2015

Most web developers would have been familiarising themselves with the powerful capabilities of CSS animations over the last couple of years. As we see more and more people turning to up-to-date browsers and Internet Explorer finally catching up with the pack, the support is there for CSS animations to be used effectively to add more interactivity and depth to websites that can be seen by most, not just a select few.… Read More

Superrb X Mistral

17th October, 2014

    • Mistral Blog
We are excited to announce that we have been appointed to design and build the website for Mistral, a name synonymous with Windsurfing and one of the oldest manufacturers, founded in… Read More

Dirty, but delicious

1st August, 2014

    • Dirty Bones Teaser
Blood sweat and drool in vast quantities here in the studio as we work on the new Dirty Bones website, which is launching later this month.  Another great collaboration with ilovedust… Read More

Clerkenwell Design Week

16th May, 2014

    • Anglepoise and Paul Smith
Superrb are heading to Clerkenwell design week which is taking place at the Design Factory in the Farmiloe building, London to experience an exciting new collaboration. The collaboration combines the unique… Read More

Fashion Conference on Social Media

1st April, 2014

    • fashion
We have been invited to be part of a pannel discussion taking place at The Grand Cafe in Southampton next Thursday, which is all about fashion and digial communications.  The aim… Read More