Studio life: BBQing with Anglepoise

Studio life: BBQing with Anglepoise

We came, we paddled, we conquered.

Making the most of the British summertime we hit the beach with our friends from Anglepoise for a BBQ and paddleboard session.

The sun was shining and with our collective flotilla of water craft, we paddled, swam and skimmed until tummies started rumbling, then we fired up the BBQs. 

'Fired up’ may not be the right phrase, as most of them failed to light properly, leaving us trying to cook 60 sausages and 30 burgers over the equivalent heat of a Barbi toy hairdryer. Some of those first sausages were so rare they could have got up and walked off. 

Fortunately we had the Anglepoise product design team on hand to re-engineer the BBQs, so with some custom modifications and with some vigorous flapping we managed to incinerate everything so disaster was averted.

The fact that no one drowned, got eaten by a shark or died of food poisoning, means we can chalk the event up as a success and look forward to squeezing in another one before summer’s out. In the meantime, we better get back to building websites.

Keep it wavy!