Amy's Kitchen

A story-driven web experience for Amy’s Kitchen

From the heart, to your plate

Amy’s make delicious vegetarian food which is sold in 29 countries around the world.

Founded in 1987 by Andy and Rachel Berliner and named after their daughter, Amy’s has become a pioneer of the organic movement in the USA and is renowned for its ethical approach to business.

Today its kitchens create a staggering 72,000 cases of product and 160,000 hand rolled burritos each day, whilst still nurturing a strong family spirit at all levels of the company.

A site built for exploration

Our desire to tell the story of Amy’s was a major influence in the design and architecture of the site.

Working closely with our client, the overall aesthetic, colours, fonts and use of illustration were chosen to reflect the organic and human aspects of the brand. The art direction in the photography emphasises the community aspect to cooking and eating together, which remains a core pillar of the brand’s ethos.

We used simple navigation to entice visitors to learn more about the brand, combined with practical tools like a store finder linked to live product data, predictive search and product filters including special diets like vegan, nut free and kosher.

Building a Community behind the brand

Working on this project exposed us to so many different groups within Amy's, each bursting with great ideas and content to share. Our challenge was to work out how to organise it!

To explain the history of the brand, we used an illustrated timeline to highlight the key milestones on their journey with the help of Justin DeVine, a water colourist who works with Amy's.

With so much knowledge about food and eating well, we created a section of the site for recipes and meal plans, working with some top nutritionists and chefs.

The blog enables Amy's to talk about all the amazing social projects it’s involved in beyond cooking and a love-letters section for sharing letters from its fans. There are a lot of them!

When we visited the kitchens where the food is made, we were stunned by how passionate the staff were about what they do, therefore we added process stories to each product page to help communicate the love and care that goes into each dish.

"Amy's has over 250 products, a deep legacy in organic, and a brand people really love and we're thrilled to now have a website that allows people to discover (or rediscover) what makes Amy's so unique. The team at Superrb helped us bring our vision to life, fine-tuning the user experience and creating a website built to grow as we do. They are a joy to work with and made the process run with ease."

Bridget Dwyer VP of Marketing @ Amy's