Pushing boundaries.

Our desire to make killer work is ultimately why we’re in this industry. We get a kick out of seeing our work on sites like Comms Arts and Site Inspire and we want to work with ambitious people who share that aspiration. That’s why we look for individuals who come in and shake things up. Want to make a website with a dancing lobster? We like you already. Fancy using trigonometry to create an animated, exploding universe? You’re hired.

Fly brands. Tidy content.

We take pride in our work and set high standards. There’s no two ways about it, we like working with cool brands with quality content and most of the time we do. Our ideal client traits are, a passion for stunning imagery and creative media. And budget. Budget is definitely good too.

It’s all about the collab.

Each member of our team is as talented and passionate as the next. Everyone brings something to the party. Ain't nobody turning up with celery sticks either. It’s homemade, full-fat cheesecake all round. And that’s the way it has to be, because every department within our studio plays a part in producing the work we do.

Fancy job titles aren’t our thing.

We have a flat structure at Superrb which keeps things simple and allows us to focus on the end game - shaping brands and making awesome websites. No matter how long you’ve worked in the industry, we want to hear your ideas. Whether it’s a new piece of software or cool idea for a work social, we’re all ears.

A bunch of salty sea dogs.

Whilst at work we’re talking all things digital, we’re a bunch of salty sea dogs at heart. With an open plan setup and regular staff hangouts, we’re friends first and colleagues second. There’s always someone up for a pre-work surf or a beach BBQ afterwards and the studio pups, Rufus and Kiki would never let a team member lunch alone.

It’s on an island. For realz.

We’re based on Hayling Island but getting to work is easy (no boat or chopper required). We're 20 mins drive from Central Portsmouth and 25 mins from Chichester just along the A27. Havant is our local train station and is on the main line from both London Waterloo and Brighton, which are both just over an hour away.