Barefaced Shopify Plus website design by Superrb
Barefaced Shopify Plus website design by Superrb


A multi-million dollar skincare business

Barefaced is a US based skincare company, with clincally proven formulas developed by expert nurse practitioner Jordan Harper. 

Our brief was to reposition the brand to make it more aspirational and to create a best-in-class online store using Shopify Plus to grow their online business.

Since working together, sales have increased from $1m per month to $3m per month, they have reached 13,500 subscription customers with a retention rate of 97% and their new online loyalty scheme has a 31% uptake.

Barefaced logo


This fresh-faced identity combines clean layouts, large fonts and intimate photography to communicate the integrity and honesty of the brand.

Skincare & beauty
Awards & recognition
Best In Class, AWWW
Strategy, Web Design, Shopify Plus, Subscriptions, Loyalty Scheme, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation & Email Automation


We selected a neutral palette to complement natural skin tones and enhance their lifestyle and product imagery.

Dark brown
R46 G40 B40 #2E2828
R235 G149 B117 #EB9575
R251 G245 B237 #FBF5ED
R12 G143 B106 #0C8F6A


Aperçu Pro Bold


Questa Slab

Body copy

Aperçu Pro Regular

A recipe for success

Design and marketing experience came together to create a best in class online shopping expereince, generating over $3m per month in online sales.

  • Digital marketing and UX strategy.
  • Shopify Plus design and development. 
  • Subscription products and custom client portal.
  • Automated churn reduction and winback campaigns.
  • Rich product detail pages with brand content. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation (175% increase in sales).
  • Loyalty scheme (31% uptake). 
  • Interactive skin quiz and product recommendations.
Barefaced Shopify Plus website - Product page
Barefaced Shopify Plus website design - face cream
Barefaced Shopify Plus website - Product page

Frictionless ecommerce

Product pages were designed to make shopping as simple as possible. Information on benefits, key ingredients, usage tips and product recommendations are easily accessed further down the page for those customers wanting to delve deeper before making a purchase.

Collection pages are easy to navigate and filter. The ‘quick add’ feature makes them shoppable for the customer on the go and the social shopping pannel adds extra weight and encourages new customers to give Barefaced a try.

Barefaced Shopify Plus website - Collection page

Social by nature

The skincare market is crowded. Therefore to elevate Barefaced we used social proof to communicate their credibility and product efficacy at every stage of the customer journey which led to higher conversion rates and new customer acquisition.

Barefaced Shopify Plus website - Social proof and review

Email marketing automation

We built out a complex network of flows and emails using Klaviyo which automated customer review collection, abandoned cart recovery, referral marketing and AI based win-back campaigns so Barefaced’s marketing was always on... 24/7.

Barefaced Klaviyo email marketing automation

Mobile first

As 80% of traffic is from mobile we prioritised the mobile UX throughout the design phase in order to ensure the website delivers the best user experience and the highest conversion rate possible.

Barefaced Shopify Plus mobile first designs

Storytelling and education

A founder led brand, the Barefaced story and Jordan’s philosophy are intertwined which is reflected in the website design. We incorporated editorially inspired sections to communicate her values and ethos, as well as helpful tips allowing Jordan to share her knowledge and the science behind her products.

Barefaced Shopify Plus website - Our story page

Modern aesthetic

As part of the initial discovery phase we explored a number of different styles of photography which formed the brief for the website photo shoot. The product photography mirrors the brand's stress-free and uncomplicated approach to skincare and the vibrant lifestyle photography is full of fun and celebrates the feeling of being comfortable and confident in the skin you're in.

Lifestyle and product imagery used across the Barefaced Shopify website
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