Product page imagery of Swiss mountain trail used for BMC's web design
Product page imagery of Swiss mountain trail used for BMC's web design

BMC Switzerland

High performance e-commerce

BMC are one of the leading global bike manufacturers and are setting the bar with their AMP e-bike technology. In 2018 they sold over 65,000 bikes and have some of the top riders on their team due to their passion for innovation and design. 

We were introduced to BMC through sports marketing experts Brandwave who were responsible for the UI design. We worked collaboratively to define the UX, before completely rebuilding this international flagship store using Magento 2 Commerce.

BMC Switzerland Logo


Brandwave was responsible for the UI design on this project and together we struck the perfect balance between a stunning brochure site and an effective Magento e-commerce website.

UX strategy, Web design, Web development, Magento 2 Commerce


White was used as the background to lift the stunning outdoors and product imagery and the brand red was used as a strategic accent to focus the eye on key calls to action.

R0 G0 B0 #000000
R61 G64 B67 #3d4043
R218 G41 B28 #da291c
R89 G201 B147 #59c993
Light Grey
R246 G246 B246 #f6f6f6


Akzidenz Grotesk BQ Medium Condensed
BMC Heading Font


Rubik Light
BMC Subheading Font

Body copy

Rubik Regular
BMC Body Copy Font
BMC Switzerland Mountain Bike product image used for website

High performance e-Commerce

This website was designed as the brand’s window to the world, to showcase their incredible bikes and innovative technology. 

  • Stunning imagery and slick transitions
  • Rich and highly detailed product pages
  • Bespoke bike finder application
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-regional storefronts
  • Click and collect
  • International store finder
  • Newsletter sign up & detailed data capture
  • Bespoke bike fit tool 
  • Interactive timeline
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • Racing news blog
BMC Switzerland's website homepage design as seen on desktop
BMC's about page design as seen on desktop

Leading the pack in innovation

BMC are true innovators but until now the brand is not as well known as some of their US competitors outside the cycling elite. 

The new website was designed to reposition them as a more accessible cycling brand, whilst still appealing to professional racers by elevating their unique product technologies and racing pedigree. 

BMC's product page design as seen on desktop
BMC Mountain Bike Campaign Imagery used for website design

Effortlessly responsive

Recognising the importance of m-commerce, the website was designed across desktop and mobile simultaneously to ensure it delivered a great user experience no matter what device it’s viewed on.

BMC's responsive website design as seen on tablet
BMC's responsive website design as seen on mobile
BMC's responsive website design mobile navigation
BMC's responsive category page design for mobile
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