Octaevo Atlas Glass Bird used by Shopify agency Superrb
Octaevo Atlas Glass Bird used by Shopify agency Superrb


Signed by the Mediterranean

OCTAEVO is an iconic homeware brand inspired by the Mediterranean's vivid colours, ancient philosophy and mysterious myths. 

Their products are designed by Marcel Baer and produced in partnership with artisan workshops using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Octaevo logo


A soft pastel pallette was chosen to elevate product imagery. This was paired with bold typography and subtle animated transitions to deliver a premium yet welcoming experience.

Homeware, stationery & gifts
Awards & recognition
Awwwards Nominated Ecommerce Site of The Year, Typewolf's Site of the Day
Web design & Shopify Ecommerce
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We used pastel shades and a simple monochrome font to accentuate the vibrancy and diversity of the products.

Off Black
R49 G49 B49 #313131
R246 G246 B237 #F6F6ED
R237 G211 B202 #EDD3CA
R242 G237 B250 #F2EDFA
R242 G249 B244 #F2F9F4
R248 G238 B238 #F8EEEE
R225 G236 B238 #E1ECEE


Domaine Text Regular


Domaine Text Regular

Body copy

Moderat Regular

Vibrant objects for the modern home

A stunning Shopify website which combines storytelling and commerce to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean.

  • Strong brand identity
  • Editorial inspired layout
  • Videos and subtle animations
  • Quick buy function
  • Free shipping notice and progress bar
  • Intuitive product filtering
  • Rich mobile-friendly product pages
  • Social media integration
  • Mail chimp incentivised newsletter
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Octaevo Shopify website design by Superrb
Octaevo lifestyle imagery used for Octaevo website design

Designed to create desire

We built the product detail pages with the same care and attention which Marcel lavishes on each of his objects, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re a big screen or your phone.

To showcase each item we extended Shopify's regular product template to incorporate additional videos and lifestyle content, as well as a sticky 'add to cart' bar and related products to make the experience as shoppable as possible.

Octaevo shopify website designed by Superrb
Octaevo story page designed by Shopify agency Superrb

Signed by the Mediterranean

We tell the story of the brand in a way which reflects its ethos and philosophy. This has been subtly woven throughout the shopping journey. 

Seeking to grow online sales we created the digital architecture to maximise discoverability and optimise search engine performance at every opportunity.

Octaevo product collection page by Shopify agency Superrb
Lifestyle imagery used for Octaevo Shopify website

Mobile first UX

With more than 75% of visitors on mobile devices, we focused our design process on crafting a truly mobile-first shopping experience, where all aspects of the design and functionality were carefully considered.

  • Mobile optimised design
  • Device specific banners and CTAs
  • Intuitive mobile friendly product filters
  • Quick buy & AJAX cart
  • Smart shipping calculator
  • Accelerated mobile payment methods 
Octaevo mobile home page by Shopify agency Superrb
Octaevo website mobile mini cart by Shopify agency Superrb

Editorially inspired

With regular features in Vogue, Monocle and Wallpaper magazine, we wanted visitors to instantly feel at home with a familiar browsing experience. The content supplied by the OCTAEVO team is incredible which made this project a joy from beginning to end.

Lifestyle and product imagery used across Octaevo Shopify website
Lifestyle imagery used for Octaevo by Shopify agency Superrb
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