Swwim Website by Superrb
Swwim Website by Superrb


PR and digital engagement that floats

Swwim is a content marketing agency who collaborate with digital creators, influencers and journalists to produce creative brand campaigns for the likes of Givenchy and Kenzo.

A true agency collab, Superrb worked together with Swwim to create a new brand identity and creative website with a beachy feel which invites you to dip your toe in the water.

Swwim Logo


Bubbly typography, summery colours and custom illustrations by Amber Pip all come together to create a palm springs vibe which showcases Swwim's creative culture.

Marketing & PR
Brand Identity, Website


The flat aesthetic is brought to life with bright splashes of blue combined with muted clay tones to create a modern, beachy palette.

R18 G99 B235 #1263eb
Deep Blue
R13 G61 B135 #0d3d87
R161 G84 B31 #a1541f
Brandy Beach
R186 G138 B133 #ba8a85
R158 G110 B107 #9e6e6b
Pearl Sand
R237 G224 B217 #ede0d9
R255 G255 B255 #ffffff


Baton Turbo Bold


Greycliff Bold

Body copy

Greycliff Regular

Life's a beach

The summery Swwim website perfectly balances brand storytelling and strategic business objectives. It's emotive branding, contrasting colour scheme, clean UI and custom illustrations combine to create a digital experience that feels like a balmy breeze. The flowing waves and swaying palm trees immerse you in the brand, whilst the minimal content blocks guide you through essential information and calls to action.  

  • Custom illustration animations
  • Instagram feed 
  • Smooth transitions 
  • Contact form 
  • User friendly CMS
Swwim website by Superrb
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