Website for Trafalgar Tavern by Superrb
Website for Trafalgar Tavern by Superrb

Trafalgar Tavern

Jewel of the Thames

A historic landmark, the Trafalgar Tavern is one of London's grandest Victorian Taverns. Located on the banks of the River Thames at the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage site, every inch of the Tavern is adorned with an abundance of nautical memorabilia and artwork.

Superrb were asked to bring this spectacle for the eyes to life digitally, to showcase the Tavern as a unique historical venue and present its classic British pub food and drink offering. 

Trafalgar Tavern Logo


Characterful illustrations, historical watermark drawings and premium photography were overlaid on an opulent UI, with clear calls to action to guide the eye. 


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We decided on classic linen for the wrapper of the website, combined with their signature blue and royal gold highlights.

R243 G243 B232 #f3f3e8
Brush Blue
R67 G81 B91 #43515b
Royal Gold
R200 G142 B53 #c88e35
R103 G49 B49 #673131


Trafalgar Tavern


Plantin MT Pro

Body copy

Neue Haas Grotesk Display
Website for Trafalgar Tavern by Superrb

Pushing the boat out

A characterful website which immerses visitors in the charm of the Trafalgar Tavern and its Maritime heritage.

  • Immersive interactive tour
  • Historic timeline
  • News / blog
  • Matterport 3D walkthough
  • Photographic galleries 
  • Booking form integration 
  • Food and drink menus 
  • Pop up newsletter sign-up 
  • User-friendly CMS

Magnificent on mobile

Hospitality website traffic is dominated by mobile devices, therefore we focused on delivering a seamless experience across all devices, paying particular attention to the interactive tour feature. 

This attention to detail means that every experience, whether walking the floors of the Tavern alongside Admiral Lord Nelson or reserving a table are as smooth as possible. 

Exploration and Experience

To help visitors explore the full grandeur of the Trafalgar Tavern, from the grand Nelson Ballroom with it's glittering chandeliers, to the quirky, after-hours Cribb's Parlour, we created an interactive virtual tour.

This feature allows visitors to explore each room of the Tavern, uncover their rich history and meet some of the pubs many famous historic patrons along the way; including Charles Dickens, J.M.W Turner and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Illustrations were created by our friend, the talented and charming Max Degtyarev.

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