AeroPress product imagery used in website design by Superrb
AeroPress product imagery used in website design by Superrb


An online store for an iconic coffee brand

The simplicity and control you get with an AeroPress makes it the go-to brand for coffee connoisseurs and adventurers alike.

This was our first coffee related project and we were astonished by the love this little website got from the community by staying true to the ethos of the brand and keeping things simple and usable.

There is a huge international following for the AeroPress including the annual World AeroPress Championships.

AeroPress Logo


No nonsense, user-friendly UI reflecting the nature of the product, contrasted with rounded fonts and subtle animations to soften the brand and make it more friendly.

Awards & recognition
Creative Pool, Shopify Showcase
Web design, e-commerce, art direction & photography


Warm, coffee inspired palette without being contrived. Blue accent colour to cut through the neutral tones and focus the eye.

R6 G12 B62 #060c3e
Faded black
R37 G33 B33 #252121
Font red
R120 G26 B37 #781a25
Button blue
R41 G52 B135 #293487
R238 G227 B215 #eee3d7


Poppins Semi Bold


Poppins Medium

Body copy

Sofia Pro Light

Minimal design, maximum performance

We designed the Shopify site to educate customers about how to brew with the AeroPress and to drive sales through their direct to consumer channel.

We kept things simple and focused on making the product look easy to use and best practice UX design to maximise conversions.

  • Interactive 'how it works' animation
  • Product photography in our studio
  • Dealer locator
  • History of the AeroPress
  • FAQs area
AeroPress website homepage design by Superrb
Barista making coffee using the AeroPress, used in their website design

The mind behind the press

Stanford University engineering instructor, Alan Adler is the genius behind the AeroPress, so we created a space for him to explain it's history and why he created it.

During this project, we realised that the AeroPress can be used in a variety of different ways and each faction is evangelical in the belief that their method is best.

Our conclusion - coffee is religion! 

AeroPress website about page design
AeroPress coffee lifestyle image used on AeroPress's Shopify website
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