Dirty Bones neon sign from restaurant used for their website design by Superrb
Dirty Bones neon sign from restaurant used for their website design by Superrb

Dirty Bones

NYC-inspired comfort food & cocktails

An American inspired restaurant & cocktail concept, first conceived in Brooklyn, born in Kensington and has grown to 5 venues across London and Oxford. Delicious food, high fives and good vibes.

We created Dirty Bones' first website in 2015 working with our friends I Love Dust on the branding. That website was more conceptual with it’s illustrated design and unconventional navigation.

This latest incarnation was designed make the brand more accessible, without losing any of their personality and identity. Have worked closely with the brand as an extension of their marketing team for 4 years, it’s great to have seen them grow to 5 restaurants with more in the pipeline.

Dirty Bones Logo


Food theatre! A cinematic digital identity to suit the brand's fun and eclectic personality. 

Awards & recognition
Comm Arts Site of the day, Featured Creative Pool
Web design & development


Off-white because it was 2018. Black to lift the photography and give a cinematic feel. Vellum and faded black so it's comfy like your favourite pair of worn out sneakers.

Off White
R255 G253 B248 #fffdf8
Vellum White
R251 G239 B233 #fbefe9
Dark Vellum
R249 G232 B225 #f9e8e1
Faded Black
R65 G64 B66 #414042
R0 G0 B0 #000000


Alternate Gothic No 2 BT
Dirty Bones Header font


Montserrat Bold
Dirty Bones Subheader font

Body copy

Maiola Regular
Dirty Bones Body Copy font

Nurturing growth and expansion

We created a scalable website so that Dirty Bones could easily add new venues, manage menus and run digital marketing campaigns all on their own.

We designed and built the website on an user friendly CMS, making it easy for a small team to manage content across multiple venues in a heartbeat.

  • Immersive interior and food photography.
  • Integrated and customised booking forms. 
  • Eclectic editorial layout.
  • Focus on community.
Dirty Bones website homepage designed by Superrb
Dirty Bones "it was all a dream" neon sign image used on website
Dirty Bones menu webpage designed by Superrb

Converting clicks to eats

Getting visitors to the site was easy with dedicated landing pages and some clever SEO tricks. 

Once there, the mouth-watering photography and clear calls to action have kept the reservation book overflowing. 

We’ve been able to help them develop their digital strategy and join everything up across Adwords, social media and email marketing channels.

Dirty Bones restaurant music playlist webpage by Superrb
Dirty Bones interior imagery used on website

Stretches to fit

The brand never stands still and is constantly evolving, so the new site has been built to be flexible and enables them to easily scale their operation as new venues come online.

Delivering a great mobile experience was essential due to most traffic coming from phones. To speed up performance and minimise load time we deliberately stripped back the UI and employed some new technologies to crunch images to the absolute minimum and keep people clicking.

Responsive Dirty Bones website navigation as seen on mobile
Responsive Dirty Bones website homepage as seen on mobile
Dirty Bones food and drink imagery used on website

A social animal

Dirty Bones has built a big following on social media and it's Friends with Benefits club keeps customers coming back time and again. 

To keep people updated with the latest goings on, we added an integrated blog which enables their marketing team to promote events and offers and their branded newsletter reaches more than 50k people each month. 

  • Integrated blog.
  • Drag & drop image galleries.
  • Editable meta-data for SEO.
  • Manage Open Graph data & Twitter cards.
  • Newsletter sign-up forms.


Dirty Bones blog page design by Superrb
Dirty Bones pink neon wall sign image used for web design
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