Plan view of food laid out on table image used for Amy's Kitchen website designed by Superrb
Plan view of food laid out on table image used for Amy's Kitchen website designed by Superrb

Amy's Kitchen

A story-driven web experience for Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s make delicious vegetarian food sold in 29 countries around the world. Founded in 1987 by Andy and Rachel Berliner and named after their daughter, Amy’s has become a pioneer of the organic movement in the USA and is renowned for its ethical approach to business.

Today its kitchens create a staggering 72,000 cases of product and 160,000 hand-rolled burritos each day, whilst still nurturing a strong family spirit at all levels of the company.

After building the Amy’s Drive Thru site with our friends I Love Dust, we met the owners in California to rebuild the main Amy’s website. We were inspired by their vision for the brand, the strength of their values and their down to earth attitude.

Amy's logo


Earthy tones, textures, hand drawn fonts, icons and watercolour illustrations all came together to give the website an organic feel which the brand and its customers could own.

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Greens and browns were selected to represent the natural ingredients used in Amy’s products, contrasted with a red accent to focus the user's attention and white backgrounds were used for long-form copy to aid legibility.

R73 G134 B77 #49864d
Light Brown
R197 G175 B154 #c5af9a
Dark Brown
R103 G90 B78 #675a4e
R229 G94 B76 #e55e4c
R255 G255 B255 #ffffff


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Body copy

Proxima Nova Regular

Balancing product & brand

To promote Amy’s products and help customers browse the site, we built our own product management system with category, cuisine and special diet filters. We combined A/B testing with behavioural tracking and uncovered some fascinating insights about how users navigated the product catalogue, which we used to increase product awareness.

To drive footfall to stores we created a powerful store locator which integrated with Amy’s inventory management system, to show which product lines were carried in each store as well as give the user directions for how to get there.

Amy's Kitchen responsive website homepage designed by Superrb
Fresh vegetables banner image used for Amy's website design by Superrb

Building a fan-base

Getting repeat visitors to the site was achieved by creating a hub for delicious vegetarian recipes and meal plans written and curated by respected nutritionists.

Many of these included Amy’s products as a core ingredient, then embellished with additional ingredients into a full meal to show that Amy’s is food for everyday good-eating.

Amy's website eating well page design

Icons, Icons, Icons.

Working with Amy's packaging team, we created a suite of bespoke icons for social media and to represent different special dietary requirements. These were used to personalise the UI to tie in with their craft-based aesthetic and also to improve navigation by introducing visual shortcuts. 

Amy's Kitchen icons used across website designed by Superrb
Amy's website about us page design

Digital story-telling

To tell the story of the brand in an engaging way, we created an interactive timeline and asked illustrator Justin Devine to create images representing each of the key milestones in the brand’s journey.

Amy's Kitchen website food page design by Superrb

Mobile minded

Responding to an increasing trend towards mobile visitors, we began by creating detailed wireframes to simulate the mobile experience then ran a testing workshop where we observed different behaviours which informed our design process. 

Due to the complexity of the product and category system, specific attention was focused on making this user-friendly, as well as building our own product search.

Amy's responsive website homepage as seen on mobile
Amy's responsive website food page as seen on mobile designed by Superrb
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