An Awesome Inc animation of a man holding a steering wheel used for Awesome Inc's website design by Superrb
An Awesome Inc animation of a man holding a steering wheel used for Awesome Inc's website design by Superrb

Awesome Inc

A studio that thrives on bringing ideas to life with imagination

Animation that rocks

Awesome Inc are an animation and video production company based in Atlanta, best known for their animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies.

As big fans of their work it was great being able to collaborate with the team and to combine both of our different disciplines to create something really unique which personified their brand and culture.

Awesome Inc Logo


We designed the website as an interactive portfolio to showcase their work in a fun and engaging way. The user friendly CMS enables them to keep content fresh and highlight their favourite projects in a rich and creative manner.

Awards & recognition
Creative Pool Best Website


A bright selection of colours to help emphasise the imagination, collaboration and pure fun of their creative process.

Dark navy
R4 G0 B53 #040035
R255 G75 B55 #ff4b37
Light blue
R53 G175 B233 #35afe9
R255 G255 B255 #ffffff


Futura Medium


Futura Medium

Body copy

Futura Medium

Living up to the name

It’s fair to say that the animation aspect of this project was a steep learning curve for us all and pushed both teams outside our comfort zone.

The team are a lovely bunch of creatives with a great, quirky sense of humour which suited us down to the ground.

Awesome Inc animation collage used for website designed by Superrb
Man drawing animation used for Awesome Inc website

What was possible

We learned a lot about different methods of animation and the Awesome Inc team had to learn to work within the limits of what’s possible (or not) within the browser, to avoid people's phones melting in their hands. 

Animation in progress imagery used in Awesome Inc web design by Superrb
Awesome Inc office interior imagery used on website design by Superrb

Keeping it mobile

So much of Awesome Inc's work crosses over into mainstream media due to their amazing clients, therefore making the site responsive was a no-brainer.

We worked hard to retain as much of the fun and excitement of the desktop experience as possible, but delivered it in a format that suited smaller screens.

Animated Awesome Inc logo for Awesome Inc website by Superrb
Animated mobile website navigation for Awesome Inc by Superrb
Figurines of Awesome Inc animations image used for Awesome Inc website design
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