Interior design imagery used for Blackman Cruz website design
Interior design imagery used for Blackman Cruz website design

Blackman Cruz

A unique dichotomy in design

Blackman Cruz is one of LA's most compelling furniture and art showrooms, as well as one of the city’s foremost design houses. Best known for infusing age-old craftsmanship techniques with an offbeat point of view.

From the first phone call we knew this project was going to be a winner. Their stunning product photography, keen eye for design and laid back West-Coast attitude all came together to make this one of our favourite builds to date.

Blackman Cruz Logo


Seeking to replicate a visit to an art gallery, we combined an editorial inspired layout with understated typography and subtle transitions. A dark background was chosen in order to complement the moody vignette images. 

Antiques & Interiors
Web design & Shopify e-commerce


We used black backgrounds to lift imagery and a neutral palette of greys and fleshy tones to add a more personal and approachable touch.

R249 G243 B239 #f9f3ef
Darker pink
R243 G233 B226 #f3e9e2
R213 G213 B213 #d5d5d5
Fony grey
R109 G109 B114 #6d6d72
R17 G17 B17 #111111


Gotham Light


Gotham Book

Body copy

Gotham Light

Love of the craft

Combining beautiful photography with elegant transitions to deliver a best-in-class shopping experience which captured the owner's whimsical sense of humour. 

  • Stunning magazine-inspired layout
  • Subtle transitions & micro-interactions
  • Instant search & suggestions
  • Product zoom & enlargement
  • Brand storytelling
  • Shopify e-commerce website
  • Product tearsheets (built on the fly)
Blackman Cruz website homepage design by Superrb
Blackman Cruz torche vignette product imagery used for website design
Blackman Cruz product detail webpage design

Flexible showcase

To allow the photographers to shoot each item in the best possible way, we devised a flexible layout to cater for landscape, portrait and square images automatically.

We know the devil’s in the detail, so we included the option to enlarge product photos to a much grander scale on product pages so you can really see the craftsmanship and finer details.

Blackman Cruz collections webpage designed by Superrb

Rebels of the design world

Adam Blackman and David Cruz prove that the best work comes from the union of two wildly different visions.

A core pillar of their brand, we created a space to tell their story on the website, as well as playing with contrast strategically throughout the website.

We also created a page with a live feed from their Instagram and a private sales page for their exclusive Illuminati club. 

Antiques and furniture showcase website on Shopify for Blackman Cruz by Superrb
Blackman Cruz mockup showroom imagery used in web design

Fully responsive with a powerful visual search

The website is built to scale seamlessly across all common devices and we spent a great deal of time planning and prototyping the mobile user experience. 

We introduced a powerful instant search tool to help visitors navigate the extensive catalog quickly and easily. Products and popular categories appear the moment you start typing and over time it gets smarter and the recommendations more accurate.

Responsive Blackman Cruz website homepage as seen on mobile devices
Responsive Blackman Cruz homepage navigation as seen on mobile devices
Product imagery used on Shopify website design, Blackman Cruz
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