Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb
Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb

Buster + Punch

A home fashion label injecting attitude into its craft.

Founded by London architect and industrial designer Massimo ‘Buster’ Minale in 2015, Buster + Punch has picked up a host of product design awards and collaborated with the likes of Rolls Royce, Boneshaker Choppers, Justin Deakin and Endless.

We were first hired to redesign their online store to showcase their stunning products, improve usability and conversion rates. This evolved into Netsuite ERP integration, separate US and trade websites and a strategy project including market research and digital marketing.

Buster + Punch Logo


A minimalist look to compliment the brands industrial style, clean typography and subtle hover animations to give a premium feel. 

Awards & recognition
Comm Arts, Creative Review & Creative Pool
Strategy, Web design, Magento e-commerce, Audience Insights, PPC Management & Influencer Marketing.


A neutral black and white UI to focus attention on their products and subtle greys to create structure without adding clutter. We used a bright red to differentiate the Trade site from the public site to help orientate users.

R244 G244 B244 #f4f4f4
Stroke grey
R219 G219 B218 #dbdbda
Pantone Black
R0 G0 B0 #000000
Trade red
R237 G29 B37 #ed1d25


Museo Sans


Museo Sans

Body copy

Museo Sans

Minimal design, maximum capability

A feature-rich website with a scalable architecture, complex products, advanced merchandising & ERP integration.

  • Scalable architecture
  • Multi-domain & multilingual
  • Complex configurable products
  • Tier pricing, bundle items and group prices
  • Back in stock & abandoned cart notifications
  • Tracking stock to the component part level
  • Integration with Netsuite ERP
  • Dynamic product retargeting
Lighting Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb

Enjoy it responsively! A flawless experience from desktop to mobile

Over half of the traffic was from mobile devices, so we meticulously wireframed each page and prototyped how it would display and perform on different devices before committing to code.

Interior web design for Buster + Punch by Superrb
Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb
UI web design for lighting and hardware designer Buster + Punch by Superrb

Elevating product presentation

We designed the site to make the product the hero and keep the UI clean and understated.

  • Banners make each product feel special
  • Subtle hovers give a premium feel
  • Lifestyle product photography
  • Downloadable tech specs and CADs
  • Cinematic presentation of upsells
Interiors website for Buster + Punch by Superrb
Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb

A shared obsession for detail

Switch Up was a Buster + Punch music video designed to showcase their latest product drop. We created landing pages where you can watch the video, shop the look and watch behind the scenes footage. The campaign was supported by PPC and social media activity.

As part of our trade insights project, we interviewed and surveyed 60 architects, retailers and interior designers to identify improvements for the website, better understand the sales process and aftersales needs of each user group. We developed detailed personas to support their marketing strategy, as well as consulting on analytics and reporting.



Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by Superrb
Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by SUPERRB™
About - Interior Design Website for Buster + Punch by SUPERRB™

A home for the brand

Buster + Punch has won fans from a wide variety of different markets outside interiors through their disruptive marketing and VS collabs with brands such as Boneshaker Choppers, Haekels, Endless & Justin Deakin. This approach makes them much more relevant as a lifestyle brand and has boosted brand awareness outside their core markets through content being shared on Instagram.

We structured the website to create a home for this brand content without distracting from the core transactional journey. 

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