Food lifestyle imagery used for Crosta & Mollica website design
Food lifestyle imagery used for Crosta & Mollica website design

Crosta & Mollica

Nothing brings people together like good food, shared

Crosta & Mollica is an authentic Italian food brand, who have spent the past 11 years in search of the best homegrown ingredients and recipes that capture the country’s passionate, convivial spirit in all its delicious glory.

They partnered with us to bring their story to life online, showcasing their products and encapsulating the true spirit of la bella vita.

Crosta & Mollica logo


Big bold fonts combined with their iconic watch strap device work harmoniously to strengthen brand and on-shelf product recognition.

Food & drink
Web design (React), Headless CMS & CRO


We combined black and white elements with their signature yellow accent to focus attention and emphasise key messaging.

Off Black
R20 G26 B29 #141A1D
R255 G205 B0 #FFCD00
R247 G245 B241 #F7F5F1
R37 G169 B119 #25A977
R94 G133 B211 #5E85D3


ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold


ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold

Body copy

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Medium

A transportive experience

This lightning fast website uses a headless CMS and static front end to deliver a seamless visitor experience which is also ecommerce ready. 

  • Modern Italian design
  • Editorial inspired layout
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Bespoke product manager
  • Recipes with featured products
  • Journal / blog
  • Social media integration
  • Store finder
  • User friendly headless CMS
  • React front-end
Crosta & Mollica website homepage designed by Superrb
Food lifestyle imagery used for Crosta & Mollica website design
Crosta & Mollica website about page design

Passion in each product

With a desire to reflect their passion for all things Italian, we designed the site to celebrate each product and the regions that inspired them in an authentic and modern way. 

A founder-led brand, this is as much about James’ story as it is about the products, as eleven years on, he’s still criss-crossing Italy in search of new flavours and produce to tickle your tastebuds.

Crosta & Mollica website product page design

An adaptive multi-device experience

With most visitors on mobile devices, we created a responsive front-end which delivers a seamless experience with lightning fast load times despite its high-res images and animated transitions.

Elements like navigation, filtration, aspect ratios, and others are tailored to deliver the optimal browsing experience on any device.

Crosta & Mollica UI web design
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