Fashion website design for Sunglasses brand Tens by Superrb
Fashion website design for Sunglasses brand Tens by Superrb

Tens Life

Bringing storytelling and personality to e-commerce

Tens is a sunglasses brand created by three friends during a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. As photographers and filmmakers with a love for adding rich, warm colours to their work, they bring this experience to the real world through their stylish lenses.

A true collab between agency and client, we repositioned the brand and redesigned the Tens website to bring storytelling and personality to e-commerce.


Tens logo


Warm colours, friendly typography, video, incidental animation and hand-drawn icons all came together to represent Tens digitally.

Awards & recognition
Awwwards Honourable Mention, Typewolf's Site of the Day
Web design, Shopify Ecommerce & Art Direction
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Off-white, Tens yellow and Faded black give the site a laid-back feel.

Off White
R248 G245 B241 #f8f5f1
Tens Yellow
R237 G187 B115 #edbb73
Faded Black
R39 G36 B40 #272428
R229 G229 B229 #e5e5e5


Young Serif
Tens brand heading font


Young Serif
Tens brand subheading font

Body copy

Karla Regular
Tens brand paragraph font

Storytelling & personality in Ecommerce

A stunning web platform which tells the story of the brand and makes their products look ludicrously cool so people say 'wow, I need those in my life right now!' 

  • Engaging video content
  • Clear commercial calls to action
  • Rich product pages
  • Multi-currency
  • UK, US & Translated EU websites
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Interwoven with brand stories
  • Customer reviews
Sunglasses website design agency with Shopify - Tens by Superrb
Sunglasses web design services for Tens by Superrb
Tens sunglasses website design by Shopify Agency Superrb

True content collab

We began the design process by meticulously wireframing each page template, then worked with Tens to brainstom content ideas to support their new positioning strategy and highlight product benefits.  

This joined up approach allowed us to write detailed briefs for content producers which ensured we got back stunning website specific assets, which deliver a great brand experience and work seamlessly across all common devices.

Hat's off to the team at Tens.

Tens Sunglasses website design agency | Shopify Agency Superrb

Icons icons icons.

Not satisfied with standard icons we enlisted an illustrator to create a suite of hand-drawn ones that help give the site it's unique personality. We also animated some of them to add depth and movement to the UI. 

Custom website icons, designed by Superrb

Stretching it.

The site had to work seamlessly across all devices, so we considered this from the outset and designed for mobile and desktop in parallel, carefully planning how each feature would respond. It's not a coincidence this site looks good on everything including your old Betamax!

Responsive sunglasses website design for Tens by Superrb
Responsive shopify website design by Superrb for Tens Sunglasses
International e-commerce website design for Tens by Superrb
Shopify website design for sunglasses brand Tens

Interactive and playful.

Tens' strapline is Good Vibes Guaranteed. We felt the website should reflect this as well so included incidental GIFs and animated transitions to give it a more immersive and friendly feeling. 

Responsive shopify website design examples - Tens by Superrb
Sustainability website design for Tens by Superrb

Fresh content

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce solution but its blog is pretty basic, so we had to overcome a number of technical challenges to include the features we wanted.

  • Shoppable lookbooks
  • Gallery slideshows
  • Embedded videos
  • Product cross-linking
Website content for Tens by Superrb

Shoot to build imagery

We began the project with a multidisciplinary workshop, bringing experts from all parts of both businesses together to brainstorm ideas for features and content. 

Art direction, photography and video briefs flowed seamlessly from our wireframes, for a quick turn around and stress-free content upload.

Sunglasses website design for Tens by Superrb
Shopify website design agency for Sunglasses brand Tens by Superrb
Sunglasses website UX / UI design for Tens by Superrb
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