Musician Jon Thurlow image used on website design by Superrb
Musician Jon Thurlow image used on website design by Superrb

Different Story

An album, three years in the making

Forerunner Music signed Jon Thurlow, a contemporary Christian musician from Colorado, to their label in 2013. That same year his debut album with the label, 'Stand in Awe', reached #29 in the Billboard Contemporary Album Chart and #5 in Soundscan’s Praise and Worship chart.

With huge success for 'Stand in Awe', the pressure was on for Jon’s next album so we were appointed to design and build a landing page to promote the album and encourage album pre-orders and purchases.

John Thurlow Logo


‘Different Story’ is a deeply emotive album, so the website design reflects the atmosphere and passion felt throughout the tracks. We also made use of a unique serif font and textured elements to add a sense of romance and warmth.

Website and development


We selected a rich colour palette which mirrored those seen in the photography to set the mood and to create a more integrated experience.

R238 G211 B196 #eed3c4
R173 G107 B80 #ad6b50
R10 G68 B75 #0a444b
R113 G25 B26 #71191a
R0 G0 B0 #000000


Different Story Header font


Gotham Medium
Different Story Subheader font

Body copy

Gotham Light
Different Story Body Copy font

Bringing it all together

The website was designed as a window into John's world while working on the album and sought to capture the atmosphere and his dedication. His creative process really revolved around sitting at his Piano so it felt natural to put this centre stage and we animated the keys on hover to give a greater sense of depth and engagement. 

We built a custom audio player that blended into the design of the website and enabled fans to listen to a number of tracks as well as being able to buy the album on pre-release.

John Thurlow Different Story homepage design by Superrb
Close up image of a piano used on John Thurlow Different Story website
Polaroid pictures imagery used on Different Story website

Engaging content

For this design photography was extremely important. Israel Vazquez did a great job in terms of art directing the album artwork and creating assets specifically for the website, so we had high-quality content to work with.

Different Story website screen capture designed by Superrb
John Thurlow's Different Story album website screen capture designed by Superrb
John Thurlow imagery used on Different Story website
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