Stunning Rhys Frampton photo of a parrot landing on a stylish woman's hand used for website design
Stunning Rhys Frampton photo of a parrot landing on a stylish woman's hand used for website design

Rhys Frampton

A stunning photography showcase

Rhys Frampton is a London based fashion photographer, best known for his work with Matthew Williamson, Eudon Choi, Stella McCartney and celebrity portraits for Professor Green, John Newman and Keith Lemon to namedrop just a few.

We were hired to create a new portfolio website to showcase his stunning photography and attract new clients from around the world.

Rhys Frampton Logo


A minimal UI to elevate the stunning imagery, with subtle fade transitions and interactions to lend a cinematic feel. 

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The primary UI is monochrome, with the ability to choose a complementary background colour to suit each project.

R33 G33 B33 #212121
R48 G62 B69 #303e45
R255 G255 B255 #ffffff
Font grey
R153 G153 B153 #999999


Din Pro Regular


Freight Macro Pro Light

Body copy

Freight Macro Pro Light

Technology feigning simplicity

We knew that keeping the site updated would be a challenge due to Rhys’ busy schedule, therefore we devised an innovative portfolio which completely changes it's layout and imagery each time a new project is added. This way the site always looks fresh with minimal effort and keeps visitors coming back again and again.

Rhys Frampton website homepage designed by Superrb

Flexible layouts to suit every project

To present his images in the best way possible, the site enables Rhys to select a variety of different layouts and even a background colour for each project to complement the imagery, colours, aspect ratio and models.

John Newman image used for Rhys Frampton website design by Superrb

Rich content management system

The site has a powerful content management system, and the website scales seamlessly across different devices.

  • Create and manage project pages.
  • Flexible layout & modular page structure. 
  • Editorial look and feel.
  • Portfolio appearance adapts with each new project.
  • Timeline showing blended social media and project content. 
  • Newsletter sign up form. 
Rhys Frampton website work page designed by Superrb
Rhys Frampton photography used on website designed by Superrb
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