The Griffin Brewery in Chiswick
The Griffin Brewery in Chiswick

Fuller's Brewery

A state of the art website for an iconic heritage brand

Founded in 1845, Fuller’s Brewery produce many of the UK’s most popular beers & ales.
With such a rich heritage and loyal customer base, they wanted to find a digital partner that would treat their brand with the respect it deserves and who could help evolve it to appeal to the next generation of ale enthusiasts.

Our strategy began with modernising their digital identity, then expanded to cover the complete redesign and development of the Fuller’s Brewery website. This combined brand storytelling, a powerful ecommerce feature-set and a new ticketing system for tours.

Fuller's Brewery logo


We were given free rein over the digital identity, including the palette, font selection, iconography, photography direction and how to integrate their new logo suite. We created this slick UI design which reflects their rich heritage and also appeals to the next generation of customers.

Food & drink
Digital ID, UX / UI, Shopify web design


We selected a light cream to create a neutral backdrop for the site as it gave the website a warmer and more friendly feeling. This contrasted nicely with the bright red, black fonts and gold accent, in order to create a striking and user-friendly UI.

R196 G12 B20 #C40C14
R244 G210 B113 #F4D271
R253 G250 B243 #FDFAF3
Dark Cream
R245 G236 B224 #F5ECE0
R234 G221 B204 #EADDCC


Balboa Medium


Balboa Medium

Body copy

FF Good Pro News

Flagship online store

This new website has strengthened their brand positioning and maximised their online sales through a suite of sophisticated ecommerce tools. 

  • Intuitive navigation, search & filtering
  • Rich product pages with tasting notes
  • Product bundles & bundle builder
  • Back-in-stock notifications
  • Product subscriptions & customer portal
  • Email marketing automation
  • AI based cross-sells & up-sells
  • Brewery tour ticketing system
  • Google shopping integration
  • Age verification
  • Customer reviews
Homepage of a shopify website design by Superrb for Fuller's Brewery
Frontage of the Griffin Brewery - shopify web design
Crosta & Mollica website about page design

A modern take on heritage

To communicate their focus on quality and consistency via modern brewing techniques, we created rich product pages which explain the unique taste profile of each beer and how it's made.

Rich brand pages about the Griffin Brewery whet the appetite for tours and this content is strategically surfaced at key touchpoints during the customer journey to build trust and increase conversions.

Crosta & Mollica website product page design
Fuller's Brewery Tours - Shopify web design

Frictionless shopping

Anticipating a high proportion of mobile visitors to the site, we prioritised the small screen experience to ensure it delivered a frictionless customer journey with the same functionality and commercial capabilities as on larger screens.

Elements such as menu design, product filtering, image ratios and autoplay video were specifically tailored to provide a best-in-class browsing experience.

Mobile optimised website design with shopify
Menu navigation design on a shopify website designed by Superrb

Conversion rate optimisation

We implemented a number of sophisticated features in order to maximise conversions, increase average order value and repeat purchases. These included free shipping incentives, product bundling, AI based upsells and a suite of post-purchase automated email flows.

Conversion rate optimisation example - shopify web design
Some screens from the shopify website design project for Fullers Brewery
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