Golden Wolf Background Pattern
Golden Wolf Background Pattern

Golden Wolf

Stay golden, run with the pack

Golden Wolf is an Emmy nominated animation studio founded in 2013 with offices in London and New York. Their work lives in the space between irreverent humour, intensely dynamic action and psychedelia with clients such as Nike, Facebook, Gatorade, Disney and Adult Swim.

We’ve worked with Golden Wolf for over 6 years, so we jumped at the chance to redesign their website, injecting their unique style and personality into every step of the experience.

Golden Wolf logo


Working with our friends at Koln Studio who created the new GW identity, we designed a clean and modern UX which reflects the eclectic nature of their work, embellished with social media inspired illustrations and psychedelic animations.

Animation, post-production
Awards & recognition
It's Nice That, Awwwards & Siteinspire
Web design & art direction
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The dark UI was chosen to elevate their imagery and video content, cut through with the fluorescent yellow accent to focus attention on key calls to action. Bold white type provides clear signposting and creates an intuitive UX.

R0 G0 B0 #000000
Muted Black
R47 G47 B47 #2F2F2F
R133 G155 B168 #859BA8
R209 G255 B0 #D1FF00


Oldschool Grotesk Extra Bold


Oldschool Grotesk Medium

Body copy

Oldschool Grotesk Regular

Psychedelic playground

A vibrant portfolio website which showcases their work and communicates the brands irreverent sense of humor, which plays with the concept of digital culture.

  • Dark and moody UI
  • Eclectic grid system
  • Animations and illustrations
  • Text decoration and embellishments
  • Online store selling GW merchandise
  • Social media integration
  • Easter eggs
Golden Wolf website homepage designed by Superrb
Sunglasses lifestyle imagery used for Tens website design
Golden Wolf Team Page

Capturing culture

Golden Wolf have an immensely strong culture, which is evident if you’ve ever worked with them or been to one of their wild parties.

This spirit has always been an inspiration to us, therefore we focused on telling their story and helping them attract the very best talent to join the Wolfpack.

Golden Wolf About Us Page

Interactive and playful

Together with the GW team, we created a suite of icons and animated brand assets we used to embellish the UI and create a more unique experience while browsing.

Interactive search

The team creates an epic volume of work, therefore being able to easily search and browse projects efficiently was a priority for this build.

We came up with an intuitive tag based filter system, coupled with a predictive text based search which makes it easy to find what you're looking for. 

Golden Wolf Interactive Search

Snake Remixed

Children of the 80’s; who doesn’t love Snake on the old Nokia 3210?

We wanted to incorporate some kind of easter egg within the website, so came up with a restyled version of this classic game. Wild Wolf is super fun, infuriatingly challenging and styled with a nod to the retro Gameboy games of our childhood.

Wild Wolf Game for Golden Wolf - Screens by Superrb

Feature rich project pages

As an agency ourselves we know just how much development work goes into each project which never sees the light of day. Therefore we built out the GW project pages to allow them to showcase their process in more detail and share some of the behind the scenes content that didn’t make it into the final edit. 

  • Project showreel
  • Style frames and moodboards
  • Concept development
  • 3D modelling
  • Client quotes
  • Social media assets
Project detail page for Golden Wolf by Superrb
More lifestyle imagery Superrb used for Tens web design
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