Monoware tableset used for Monoware website design by Superrb
Monoware tableset used for Monoware website design by Superrb


A table set for life

London-based homeware brand Monoware, crafts timeless products for the table and beyond, such as flatware, ceramics, glassware and textiles.

In an age when household items have an ever shorter lifespan, Monoware encourages the design conscious consumer to invest in enduring, quality products, made with the best materials and processes.

Monoware logo


This deliberately understated design combines clean fonts with a muted colour palette, to make the stunning lifestyle and minimalistic product imagery the hero.

Homeware & Tableware
Awards & recognition
Typewolf's Site of the Day, Featured Httpster, Featured Thingtesting
Web design, Shopify Ecommerce & Art Direction


Monochromatic colour palette, to complement the textures and shadows used in the simplistic product photography.

Faded Black
R39 G39 B39 #272727
R246 G246 B246 #F6F6F6
Dark Grey
R235 G235 B235 #EBEBEB
Off White
R253 G253 B253 #FDFDFD
Type Grey
R129 G129 B129 #818181


Simula Book
Monoware brand heading font


Moderat Mono Regular
Monoware brand subheading font

Body copy

Moderat Regular
Monoware brand paragraph font

Timeless products in a simple setting

A beautiful Shopify e-commerce store for young, design-conscious professionals with a penchant for homeware.

  • Engaging and interactive photography
  • Incidental illustrations
  • Clear calls to action
  • Informative product pages
  • Focus on quality and design
  • Journal and thoughtful recipes
  • Press testimonials
  • Newsletter sign up
Monoware Shopify website homepage designed by Superrb
Monoware lifestyle imagery used for Monoware website design
Monoware website story page designed by Superrb

Let the branding be the hero

The clear brand guidelines enabled us to create a site with a strong sense of purpose and personality, without pulling focus from the products. 

Crafted copy tells the story of the brand in their own unique voice, and the dedication to detail throughout the site puts you in the mindset of the founder. The subtle balance of lifestyle and commerce work hand in hand, and incidental illustrations add a human touch to the minimalistic UI.

Monoware product detail page designed by Superrb

The little details

We collaborated with an illustrator who created a suite of hand-drawn black and white drawings that help give the site a human touch.

Custom website illustrations for Monoware, designed by Superrb

Interactive and playful.

We took their stunning product photography and brought it up a level. Using subtle animations, we created an immersive experience for the user, which provides a teaser of the homeware in use.

Monoware responsive website design as seen on mobile

Serving up fresh content

We created a journal page that showcases some of the founder's favourite recipes, and inspiring articles about food. Their core belief is that the table is the heart of the home. Monoware help you lay a table for life.

Monoware website journal page designed by Superrb

Modern aesthetic

We were lucky enough to work with stunning lifestyle images which really communicate the brand’s story and values. Mixed sets and regular sets show the versatility of the range, and hover images add a little pop of colour to contrast the muted palette of the UI.

Lifestyle and product imagery used across Monoware website
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