Cat food lifestyle imagery used for Lovebug website design
Cat food lifestyle imagery used for Lovebug website design


Cat food that loves your cat and the planet

Lovebug is the UK's first insect-based cat food, which is good for cats and the planet. 

We were approached by ethical strategy and creative agency Futerra, who started Lovebug as a passion project and were seeking a digital partner to create their new website and set up their digital marketing to launch the brand online. Futerra developed the brand identity for Lovebug and we led the site design and build process, with input from their creative team throughout.

Lovebug logo


Bold colours, friendly fonts, incidental animation and hand-drawn iconography all came together to represent this cute and playful brand.

Sustainable Cat Food
Awards & recognition
The Telegraph, Vogue & BBC World News
Strategy, Web Design, Shopify, Search Engine Optimisation & Email Automation


The bold palette helps Lovebug cut across other sustainable pet-food brands and creates a punchy and memorable impression on-shelf and online.

R59 G64 B100 #3B4064
R229 G30 B87 #E51E57
R0 G165 B174 #00a5ae
R236 G106 B138 #ec6a8a
R250 G191 B19 #fabf13


Recoleta Alt. Black


Recoleta Alt. Semi

Body copy

Recoleta Alt. Medium

Cats Meet Commerce

Design and marketing expertise combined to create this conversion focused Shopify store to launch Lovebug online. 

  • Digital marketing and UX strategy.
  • Shopify design and development. 
  • Subscription products and client portal.
  • Automated churn reduction and winback campaigns.
  • Rich product detail pages with brand content. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation.
  • Free sample ordering.
Lovebug Shopify website homepage designed by Superrb
Cat food lifestyle imagery used for Lovebug website design
Lovebug Shopify website product page design

Bringing messaging to life

As a start-up operating in an entirely new category of insect based cat food, Lovebug had to clearly communicate their product benefits to customers in order to build trust and persuade them to give it a try. We used simple layouts and big fonts to make messaging easily digestible and used animated cats to make it more playful and relatable. 

Product pages are highly shoppable and include an interactive switching guide to help customers transition their feline friends from their current cat food and onto Lovebug comfortably.

Lovebug Shopify website about page design

Illustrated UI

The website features a suite of hand-drawn icons and UI components that help give the site its unique personality. We also animated some of them to add depth and movement to the UI. 

Custom website icons for Lovebug

Brand storytelling

As a founder-led brand, Lovebug has a great story and team behind it. To bring this to life, we created a blog, team bios and introduced visitors to some of their cat co-workers in a fun and interactive way.

Shopify website for Lovebug by Superrb - Our story page

Bring out the cats

The Lovebug brand includes a host of feline friends, designed to appeal to cat lovers everywhere and create a memorable aesthetic Lovebug could own online and offline.

Shopify website for Lovebug by Superrb - Meet the cats

Stretching it

The site had to work seamlessly across all devices, so we considered this from the outset and designed for mobile and desktop in parallel, carefully planning how each feature would respond.

Lovebug UI web design
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