Portfolio Website for Mark Anthony by Superrb
Portfolio Website for Mark Anthony by Superrb

Mark Antony

Truly bespoke furniture & interiors

Mark Antony is a master carpenter who specialises in bespoke furniture and wooden interiors for some of the best-known architects and wealthy residential clients. 

The brief was to develop a new brand identity and a stunning portfolio website to showcase their work, which captures their creativity, incredible attention to detail and business ethos.

Mark Anthony Logo


The branding was designed to appeal to the A&D market and we used illustration and typography to create a premium look and feel which reflects the quality of their work and understated Britishness.

Furniture & Interiors
Branding, Art Direction, Website Design, Website Development, Photography, Copywriting


We selected a dark pallet for the background of the website to lift the images off the page, combined with a gold accent for calls to action and embellishments to position Mark Antony as a premium brand.

R0 G0 B0 #000000
Slate Black
R26 G26 B26 #1a1a1a
Dark Grey
R67 G67 B67 #434343
R197 G164 B118 #c5a476
Worn Gold
R112 G95 B72 #705f48
R255 G255 B255 #ffffff


Adobe Garamond Family
Mark Anthony Heading Font


Commuter Sans Family
Mark Anthony Subheading Font

Body copy

Adobe Garamond Family
Mark Anthony Body Copy Font
Mark Anthony Branding
Mark Anthony Icon Design
Mark Anthony Business Card Design
Mark Anthony Vehicle Wrap Design

A hidden gem

Historically they had a very simple website and rather dated branding which didn’t represent their creativity and quality at all, so our primary goal was to reposition the brand and give them a website they could be proud of.

  • Incidental videos
  • Rich project pages with editorial inspired layouts 
  • Subtle animation and transitions
  • Product showcase
  • Newsletter sign up
  • User-friendly CMS
Mark Anthony Homepage Desktop
Mark Anthony Wood working Workshop
Mark Anthony Project Example

A stunning showcase

The website was built as a digital portfolio, so we hired specialist interiors photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes to set the tone for imagery on the website which the client's in-house team was able to replicate for subsequent shoots. 

A section called Objects was created to promote their made to order furniture.

Mark Anthony Objects section Desktop
Mark Anthony Wood working Workshop

Values to live by

Mark is a wood geek and gets so excited about new processes, finishes and materials, he can barely contain himself. We loved that and wanted to capture his passion on the website. To do this we arranged a photo shoot at his workshop, where we could see him and the team in action. 

We also identified that commissioning bespoke furniture can be daunting to prospective customers, so created a section on the site which explains his process and what to expect as a customer in order to make it more accessible and less intimidating.  

Fluid design

Making responsive websites that work across a range of devices is a given, but we worked extra hard to ensure that the user experience was just as good on mobile as it was on desktop and tablet to keep it consistently slick for visitors.

Mark Anthony Approach Page Tablet
Mark Anthony Workshop Page Mobile
Mark Anthony Navigation Mobile
Mark Anthony Objects Page Mobile
Mark Anthony Contact Page Mobile
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