SUPERKEEN Custom Shopify website design
SUPERKEEN Custom Shopify website design


Make friends with food

SUPERKEEN is a food and wellness brand, inspired by founder Caragh's struggles with auto-immune disease lupus. SUPERKEEN offers a range of tasty cereals powered by tiger nuts and cassava, designed to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Working in partnership with B&B studio who created the SUPERKEEN brand world, we co-designed the website and developed a playful Shopify theme for their online store.



The SUPERKEEN brand world combines friendly fonts, playful illustrations and bright colours to create an identity which appeals to children and adults alike.

Food & Beverage
Awards & recognition
Best Start-Up & Best Natural/Organic 2024
Web design, Shopify e-commerce & Email Marketing


Positive pink roots the brand among a peer group of contemporary challengers and is accompanied by a palette of flavour-inspired shades.

Positive pink
R238 G137 B162 #EE89A2
Uplifting white
R245 G241 B230 #F5F1E6
Warm black
R31 G24 B19 #1F1813
Pick me up yellow
R249 G201 B65 #F9C941
Love me lilac
R128 G128 B193 #8080C1
Tasty teal
R141 G206 B164 #8DCEA4
Call me coral
R237 G125 B97 #ED7D61


New spirit Medium condensed


Cartograph CF heavy

Body copy

Cartograph CF extra bold

Make friends with food

This bright and inclusive e-commerce website was designed to educate customers on the benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, promote a range of tasty cereals and champion their hero ingredients.

  • Immersive brand experience
  • Fun illustrations and animations
  • Conversion focused product pages
  • Recipes and healthy eating tips
  • Social media integration and UGC
  • E-commerce enabled
  • Email marketing
Superkeen Homepage desktop design
SUPERKEEN banner image

You are what you eat

Showcasing their range of cereals; our product pages strike the perfect balance between brand, education and commerce to engage visitors and maximise conversions.

  • Aspirational brand positioning
  • Bundles and volume based discounts
  • Subscribe and save
  • Free delivery messaging
  • Benefits & FAQs
  • Focus on key ingredients
  • Competitor comparison tables
  • Deep dive into nutrition
  • Customer reviews with UGC
  • AI based recommendations
Superkeen cereal product comparison table
Shopify web design for Superkeen | Our story page mock up

Authentic brand storytelling

Understanding first-hand how those with auto-immune issues or food allergies can feel alienated by branded offers, Caragh created SUPERKEEN to embody a strong sense of community, inclusivity and support.

The 'Make Friends with Food' idea perfectly captures her positive approach to wellness and has set the tone for an irresistible brand. SUPERKEEN has already received a host of awards, including Best New Startup and Best Natural / Organic by the Food Innovation Awards, as well as Best Special Diet in the Natural & Organic Innovation Awards.

Shopify website design for Superkeen | Our story page

Meet the gang

Crafted for a wide-ranging audience of health enthusiasts, allergen avoiders, and AIP followers, SUPERKEEN is designed to captivate people of all ages.

Cloud Guy and his crew of allergen-themed characters created by B&B Studio infuse the brand with a playful, childlike charm, yet their simple design and laid back personalities resonate just as strongly with an adult audience too.

Shopify mobile website design for Superkeen
Responsive shopify mobile website design for Superkeen
Superkeen playful Shopify website design
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