Benny Gold

Brand & boutique started from a simple sticker inspired by the mantra, Stay Gold.

A Fresh Brand Story

Benny Gold is an independent graphic designer and fashion brand, renowned for his unique illustrated style and collaborations with Nike, HUF, Cinelli, Jansport, The Hundreds, Mike Giant & Kid Robot to name just a few.

Benny Gold has always been a major inspiration to us, so when they approached us to collaborate on their new website, we had to pinch ourselves. The project has been a lot of fun and it was an honour to work with such a talented client team.

The new Benny Gold website provides a personalised experience for visitors, seamlessly blending brand, content & commerce into this next-generation global online store. The powerful back end system enables merchandising in ways other retailers can only dream of. 

"We were long over due for a site re-design before we partnered with Superrb. It took us a long time to find a design firm that we felt comfortable working with.

We wanted to make sure whoever we worked with 'got it'. A lot of firms can create a nicely designed site, but we needed the lifestyle behind the Benny Gold brand to be the driving force.

Superrb definitely "get's it" and I am really pleased with the beautiful site we created together! Thank you guys!"

Benny Gold Founder, Benny Gold