Different Story

An album, three years in the making

Encouraging pre-orders and downloads

Forerunner Music signed Jon Thurlow, a contemporary christian musician from Colorado, to their label in 2013. That same year his debut album with the label, 'Stand in Awe', reached #29 in the Billboard Contemporary Album Chart and #5 in Soundscan’s Praise and Worship chart. With huge success for 'Stand in Awe', the pressure was on for Jon’s next album. Three years in the making, ‘Different Story’ will be released by Forerunner Music on 17th November 2017.

We were appointed to design and build a landing page to promote the album and encourage album pre-orders and purchases. We created a custom HTML5 music player with 90 second music demos, so Jon’s fans could preview the album before the launch, creating anticipation and increasing the number of pre-orders.

A romantic and emotive design

‘Different Story’ being a deeply emotive album, needed a webpage that reflected the atmosphere and passion felt throughout the tracks. For this design photography was extremely important. Israel Vazquez did a great job in terms of art directing the album artwork and marketing assets, so we had really high quality content to work with. From there we selected a rich colour palette which mirrored those seen in the photography to set the mood. We also made use of a unique serif font and textured elements to add a sense of romance and warmth.