11 things we learnt as a result of the Superrb Christmas party

Superrb Christmas party

1. Office flexi start-times are not conducive to getting all staff on a scheduled train

2. Giles is an excellent planner - so good that even though we missed our planned train we were still at Winter Wonderland on time

3. At Winter Wonderland, there’s always one that gets too big for their plastic, blue boots and makes a fool of themselves on the ice rink (good work Alex)

4. Drinking from cups made from ice is 250% better than drinking from normal cups

5. Becky doesn’t like roller coasters 

6. Salt beef is massively underrated

7. You can play hide and seek on a big wheel 

8. South coast politeness does not facilitate you getting on a tube (after you good sir)

9. Playing AC/DC in a fine dining restaurant is definitely a good idea

10. Dumplings should always contain bacon

11. Stu cannot function on a hangover 

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!