High speed satellite internet wherever you are.

High speed satellite broadband

Freedomsat are suppliers of high speed satellite broadband with focused coverage across Africa, South America and the Middle East. 

Originally briefed with a simple site review and updating some templates, the project quickly evolved into building a completely new site from the ground up, based on a thorough analysis of their past analytics and sales processes. 

The core requirements for the new site were that it had to look great on all devices and clearly articulate the unique selling points of the service to three very different, but equally important customer types; Home users, Business Users and Resellers.

The outcome is a visually pleasing site that guides each customer through their relevant sales funnel and provides easy access to supporting information throughout their journey. In addition the website enquiry forms integrate directly with the company’s CRM platform to generate pre-qualified leads which can be tracked from initial contact to conversion and beyond.

"We found Superrb to be instrumental in delivering our vision. We now offer a much improved user experience, persuasive content and informative user journey. It is early days but the quality of conversions is high and conversion rate is up too. Our prospects are now asking informed questions and we can focus on nurturing our leads. All credit to the team for the tenacity and purpose with which they handled this project."

James Loveday Marketing Lead, Freedomsat